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Still Love Runmeter

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Was just looking through some old stuff on my blog and came across this posting from almost 4 years ago (!) where I professed my love for Runmeter.  I’m happy to say that I still think it is an awesome app.  They keep adding great functions to it, and I gladly pay $5 annually for access to the Elite features.

The one gripe I used to have about the system was that it was too complicated on the run to get into the app to mark off my laps, which could not be done by the buttons on headphones like some features.  I like to mark laps either at certain points of every run, like the turnaround on my normal East River Park run, or at each marked mile of a race, but to mark a lap you need to open the app and click the Lap button.  It was complicated because my iPhone is locked with a passcode, which is not easy to enter on the run.  However, with an update in recent months, they enabled the feature where you can access Runmeter from the lock screen itself.  I can now start my run, mark my laps and also stop the run without needing to log into my phone and select the app.  May not seem like much, but it made me so happy!

Other awesome features I’ve tapped into in the last year:

  • It constantly counting my steps from my iphone – no longer need fitbit
  • Downloads and archives basic weather stats with my run
  • Acts as my bike ‘computer’ by pairing with my Wahoo RFLKT
  • Cross posts to Strava
  • Cross posts to MyFitnessPal so that my burned calories get counted and taken into affect with my food log
  • etc

Anyway, thanks Abvio for such a great app, and for keeping it up with the times 🙂


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