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Mississippi Blues Marathon ‘race’ report

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Despite having not run a marathon in almost 4 years, not having a month with more than 50 running miles since 2012, and with a recent training base of only 65.9 miles, I went ahead and ran the Mississippi Blues Marathon a few weeks ago, on my 45th birthday!

While there were a lot of reasons NOT to do this race, there were also a lot of reasons TO run:

  1. I had been planning to run this race for 5 years, since I ran First Light Marathon on my 40th birthday
  2. I am finally feeling injury free
  3. I had been seeing a personal trainer for the prior 10+ weeks, working hard and providing me a good muscular base
  4. I had signed up months in advance (before my latest injury over the summer) and paid for the race
  5. An excuse to go away for a few days with my wife and to take a long road trip, both things I love
  6. The desire to move the needle forward on running marathons in all 50 states, having been stuck at 11 states for last 4 years
  7. Was able to get 2 relatively long runs in, 10 and 14.5 miles
  8. Mentally I was fully prepared for this to be a run/walk effort
My Mississippi Blues Result

My Mississippi Blues Result

Run the race I did!  And while it was a bit ugly, I got it done.  As you can see from the snip above I was pretty consistent through 15 miles, and then the wheels fell off.  A lot of walking was involved last 10 miles, which coincided with a long downpour from mother nature, but I enjoyed the back-of-the-pack experience, bonding with fellow run/walkers, and was able to get enough together to mostly run the last mile.  The difficulty required to finish the race gave me a new found respect for the distance.  The best news of all was that I didn’t re-injure anything or hurt myself in any way.  Walking was tough night of the race and the next day, but within a couple of days, all the soreness was gone, and I resumed running within a week.  With a new baseline of 6:05, I realize I have a LOT of training to do to get myself back down to 4:30, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the challenge.

By the way, best marathon finisher medal EVER!

Mississippi Blues bib and medal

Mississippi Blues bib and medal

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