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2017 marks a major crossroads/change for me and my life.  In short, I have left my corporate day job, staking out a new direction in my career, transitioning from a nine-to-fiver to self-employed.  While there are many benefits to having a full time job, with good pay and with good benefits, I’ve just simply grown tired of going into the corporate office every day, and going forward, I’d rather be in control of my own schedule and destiny, and stake out the area of technology I’m interested in and the customer I truly want to work with.

In theory it will mean reinvigorating this blog again because social media is a big part of the technology field I want to focus on, and this platform is perfect for me to use to write about fitness and plug further into this circle that is so important to me.  But I say ‘in theory’, because the fact of the matter is that I have hardly done any running in the last 4 years – a total of 922.6 miles in that time, which works out to a paltry 4.4 miles per week.  In the prior 4 years, I logged more than 3 times the miles, 3093.4 miles to be exact.

Mainly the reason is that I have been almost constantly injured, which have included foot, ankle, knee, back, shoulder and other injuries.  I simply have not been taking good care of myself.  Therefore one of my top goals for 2017 is to get healthy again.  The jury is out regarding whether I’ll ever be able to run consistently again because the knee problem that I have is a torn meniscus.  I’ve had the injury for about 18 months, and in that time I’ve been able to run for a few months at a time, then aggravate the knee, forcing a few months off for it to improve.  Unlike many other things in the body, the meniscus doesn’t heal on it’s own, and while arthroscopic surgery is an option to clean things up, and very common and non-invasive, surgery is often not effective.  The most effective solution, I believe, is a combination of trimming my weight back a bit, strengthening my legs to the point where my knee is well-supported by everything around it, and strengthening my mental health through things like meditation and not commuting 75 minutes each way to work by public NYC transportation!

Therefore, the focus of this blog may be more on nutrition, fitness and mental health in the short term, but in the long term, my goal, as always, is to again reach the goal of a 4:30 marathon!


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