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Looking Ahead


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2017 marks a major crossroads/change for me and my life.  In short, I have left my corporate day job, staking out a new direction in my career, transitioning from a nine-to-fiver to self-employed.  While there are many benefits to having a full time job, with good pay and with good benefits, I've just simply grown [...]

Modest year end goal

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This is the second straight year that my running has been severely curbed by foot injury.  After a string of 4 years in a row where I ran at least 700 miles each year, topping out at 1071 miles in 2010, once my body turned 40 in 2011, it refused to let injuries go away [...]

A New Beginning?

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Today marked a new beginning of sorts.  While it could hardly be considered a 'real' run, I was able to mix several 1 minute run intervals in my 30 minute treadmill walk.   I generally ran 1 minute and walked 4 minutes, and repeated that for 30 minutes, covering just over 2 miles.  It was notable [...]

Back in the Saddle (Again)

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Hi there!  After a luckluster year so far filled with injuries, I've taken the last couple of months off, and am now starting to work back into running shape.  I consider myself to (yet again) be back in the saddle after injury, hoping that this time I'll figure out how to stay healthy.  Seems like [...]

2011 Highlights – Part 2

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As you all know, I'm not so great at posting here anymore.  My we've come a long way (and in the wrong direction) since I posted for 28 days straight leading up to the 10-10-10 Chicago Marathon! Anyway, this post concludes the 'highlights' I wanted to point out regarding 2011.  Find Part 1 here.  Upon [...]

Updates and upcoming races

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Just wanted to catch you up on what's happening with me. In the last two weeks, I've been dealing with a bunch of issues, it seems. First, I've had these nagging injuries that don't all seem to want to go away. Two weeks ago I went for a bike ride on Tuesday night and followed [...]

2011 Plans

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I'm not much into resolutions for New Years.  There are some things that I'd like to do before the year is out, but I'd rather call them goals or plans! First off, my biggest plan for the year is to race Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains on 10/2!  I'm very scared!  But also excited.  A half [...]

Solidifying Plans for Spring and 2011

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Last night I registered for the Flying Pig Marathon, in Cincinnati, OH, on May 1, solidifying my spring plans.  I've wanted to run this for several years, ultimately choosing to run Austin in 2009 and Providence in 2010.  Assuming I finish my other planned marathon in January, Flying Pig will be my 9th state and [...]