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2017 marks a major crossroads/change for me and my life.  In short, I have left my corporate day job, staking out a new direction in my career, transitioning from a nine-to-fiver to self-employed.  While there are many benefits to having a full time job, with good pay and with good benefits, I've just simply grown [...]

Still pleased with my recovery

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I'm 3 weeks into my latest comeback from injury, and I have to say that I'm feeling cautiously optimistic.  I have an office job, and for many many months I've been used to standing up from my desk and having an uncomfortable first step in my right foot as I begin to get where ever I need [...]

Quick bump in the road

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Well, that was fast.  Only 2 runs into my latest comeback, and literally the same day I last posted about how I only need 2 pathetic runs per week to equal the pathetic total miles I ran in 2013, I felt like I aggravated my foot a little bit!  Felt the start of a twinge [...]

Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon Race Report

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With a big race in the books from this past weekend, it seems as good a time as any to resume my blog! 2013 has mostly been a throw-away year of injuries and running disappointments.  As usual though, I'm committed to getting past all of that, getting healthy again, and training for serious distance races. [...]

Foot improving

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Back on Dec 24, after a good 5 mile run, I started to experience a bad pain in my foot.  It hadn't been 100% leading up to then, but I kept running on it, as I was trying to build up from my sciatica in the summer and prepare for a March marathon.  I was [...]

A New Beginning?

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Today marked a new beginning of sorts.  While it could hardly be considered a 'real' run, I was able to mix several 1 minute run intervals in my 30 minute treadmill walk.   I generally ran 1 minute and walked 4 minutes, and repeated that for 30 minutes, covering just over 2 miles.  It was notable [...]

Learning to tolerate the treadmill

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I'm now in the recovery phase from the injury issues I've had in the last months.  In my buildup back to running, my trainer is trying to convince me to 'run less run faster'.  The starting point for me has been half mile repeats at my tempo pace, which for now we are targeting as [...]

Back in the Saddle (Again)

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Hi there!  After a luckluster year so far filled with injuries, I've taken the last couple of months off, and am now starting to work back into running shape.  I consider myself to (yet again) be back in the saddle after injury, hoping that this time I'll figure out how to stay healthy.  Seems like [...]

No Ironman 70.3 Poconos for me :(

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Today was supposed to be the day that I raced my first half ironman, but that was unfortunately not meant to be. It all started two weeks ago, the day of the Yonkers Half Marathon.  In what was to be my final real training session, I rode my bike to Yonkers, ran the race and [...]