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Still pleased with my recovery

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I’m 3 weeks into my latest comeback from injury, and I have to say that I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.  I have an office job, and for many many months I’ve been used to standing up from my desk and having an uncomfortable first step in my right foot as I begin to get where ever I need to go.  But today it just struck me that I am feeling no pain at all when standing up from my desk!  Hopefully that is a strong lagging indicator of forward progress.

That’s not to say I’m feeling 100%.  I still feel a bit off when I’m running and feeling nagging issues in my right foot, whether it be my heel or peroneus, etc.  But those issues are much more minimal, and last week I was able to run 3 times, twice with only a single day off between runs.  While my last run was Friday, 3 days ago, the long layoff is only because the multiple runs last week was a bit much for my quads, which feel much better today.  I expect to get back out there tonight.

My 3 runs last week totaled 14.2 miles, and if I eliminate the 2 weeks in the last year where I ran half marathons in a race (Frozen Bonsai last December and Princeton 70.3 in September), it was my biggest training week, mileage wise, since week ending Nov 17 last year!  The funnier stat is that if I go farther back in time, the next most recent time I had more than 14.2 miles in a week of training was the same exact week the prior year, week ending Nov 18, 2012!

In the back of my mind I had wanted to sign up for the Turkey Trot in Prospect Park for Thursday as I’m not travelling for the holiday this year (which is very unusual), but I was a few days late to the game as the race is sold out.  I still hope to scour the internet to find another race for Thursday morning easily drive-able from NYC.  If I do get out for a race, it will be my first non-triathlon race since Frozen Bonsai last December!

I firmly believe my strong recovery this time around has to do with acupuncture, which I’ve discovered in the last month and done probably once a week since then.  Fingers crossed that my strong recovery continues, and it is not another full year until I have a week with more than 14.2 training miles!

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