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Quick bump in the road

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Well, that was fast.  Only 2 runs into my latest comeback, and literally the same day I last posted about how I only need 2 pathetic runs per week to equal the pathetic total miles I ran in 2013, I felt like I aggravated my foot a little bit!  Felt the start of a twinge that was familiar in the recovery from my ankle injury last year.

Not terrible, but still a bad sign.  My plan had been to run every third day, but with this new information, I took 2 extra days off before running again yesterday.  My foot is OK, not great, and at least I am a lot more knowledgeable now about where to look for the pain and how to massage the trigger points to keep it under control.  Tonight I visited my new friend the acupuncturist, and we’ll see if the needles he stuck in my foot will help me recover.  I will say that today I told him about the pain I’ve had in my big toe for the last 2 years, which my foot doctor said was arthritic, and he stuck a single needle in just the right place up the leg, and afterwards that big toe pain was all gone!

Anyway, we’ll see if the foot pain gets any worse, or stays manageable.  I’ll continue to take extra days off as needed, but as of this moment, I’m still hell-bent on getting the 56.7 more miles needed in 2014 to beat my pathetic total of 217.8 miles in 2013.

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