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Modest year end goal

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This is the second straight year that my running has been severely curbed by foot injury.  After a string of 4 years in a row where I ran at least 700 miles each year, topping out at 1071 miles in 2010, once my body turned 40 in 2011, it refused to let injuries go away

Millionth finisher of NYC Marathon

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I loved the coverage this weekend of the millionth finisher of the NYC Marathon.  Just a great milestone for a truly great race in a truly great city.  And I'm so happy to see the actual millionth finisher is just a regular runner like you or me: a Mom, resident of NYC, and a back-of-the-packer.

Milestone missed

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Amid my woes of not running very well due to injury this year and not posting to my blog, I missed a big milestone.  It was 20 years ago this year that I ran in my first race ever, the long defunct You Gotta Have Park 5k, on May 21, 1994. Such a simpler time

More Thoughts on 100 Pushups App

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I recently wrote about how I was doing push-ups as a cross-training exercise using the new Hundred Pushups iPhone app.  Now that I've been using it for a few weeks, it is time to share some of my disappointments, to temper the positives vibes of my initial post. First off, no doubt it is very

Eye on the Prize

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I've been frustrated the last couple of years with injuries and still am not fully better.  Despite that, I recently ran a half marathon, and even last week completed a 4 mile run even though my foot was hurting.  Not smart. In the Nov/Dec issue of Marathon & Beyond, there was a very interesting article

Random update

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It's been just over a week since I wrote a couple of posts outlining my two primary cross-training activities right now.   And I'm happy to see that I've continued along the path during that time!  In the last week I've been to the gym twice for my Every Angle Assault workout, and done 3

Cross training – Gain Fitness app

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While my right foot has been hampering my running, not letting me run nearly as often or as far as I would like, I've finally fallen into a nice habit of going to the gym for a strength workout, as a form of cross-training.  My biggest problem is never knowing what to do at the