Despite having not run a marathon in almost 4 years, not having a month with more than 50 running miles since 2012, and with a recent training base of only 65.9 miles, I went ahead and ran the Mississippi Blues Marathon a few weeks ago, on my 45th birthday!

While there were a lot of reasons NOT to do this race, there were also a lot of reasons TO run:

  1. I had been planning to run this race for 5 years, since I ran First Light Marathon on my 40th birthday
  2. I am finally feeling injury free
  3. I had been seeing a personal trainer for the prior 10+ weeks, working hard and providing me a good muscular base
  4. I had signed up months in advance (before my latest injury over the summer) and paid for the race
  5. An excuse to go away for a few days with my wife and to take a long road trip, both things I love
  6. The desire to move the needle forward on running marathons in all 50 states, having been stuck at 11 states for last 4 years
  7. Was able to get 2 relatively long runs in, 10 and 14.5 miles
  8. Mentally I was fully prepared for this to be a run/walk effort
My Mississippi Blues Result

My Mississippi Blues Result

Run the race I did!  And while it was a bit ugly, I got it done.  As you can see from the snip above I was pretty consistent through 15 miles, and then the wheels fell off.  A lot of walking was involved last 10 miles, which coincided with a long downpour from mother nature, but I enjoyed the back-of-the-pack experience, bonding with fellow run/walkers, and was able to get enough together to mostly run the last mile.  The difficulty required to finish the race gave me a new found respect for the distance.  The best news of all was that I didn’t re-injure anything or hurt myself in any way.  Walking was tough night of the race and the next day, but within a couple of days, all the soreness was gone, and I resumed running within a week.  With a new baseline of 6:05, I realize I have a LOT of training to do to get myself back down to 4:30, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the challenge.

By the way, best marathon finisher medal EVER!

Mississippi Blues bib and medal

Mississippi Blues bib and medal


Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016

by SCL on January 24, 2016

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that my blogging in 2015 was pathetic.  Only 3 posts all year.  However, I’m still interested in using this site to try and keep some semblance of WordPress and website hosting technical skills.  After all, my day job is in IT.

2015 was a roller coaster year in terms of running.  In total I ended up with only 307.8 miles, my 4th lowest year since 1999 when I started keeping my detailed running log.  But, that total was well higher than 2013 and 2014, which were even worse running year – so good forward progress.

Long story short, I didn’t run at all in January as I was letting my foot/peroneal continue to heal.  I ran very consistently from Feb through July, actually running in 9 different races during that time, including a half marathon, but I pushed myself too hard and ended up injuring my knee.  It was fun to be running hard again, running a 26:16 5k and 33:36 4 miler in April.  I also discovered the Greater Long Island Running Club, which organized 6 of the 9 races I participated in over the year.

We moved in late July and took a long vacation in early August, and around that time I realized my knee was injured, so I mostly did no running from late July through Oct.  I started to see my personal trainer again in Oct, and our weekly routine was focused around deadlifts, which has really strengthened my legs and helped me get back to fully healthy for running.  I did quite a bit of running in November and December and feel like I’m in a good place to step up running in 2016.


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